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Arms Deals

No doubt, the craze for Counter Strike has surpassed all previous records since the release of Counter Strike: Global Offense. With the addition of extremely enticing weapon cases and glamorous skins in Arms Deal update, everyone wants the best weaponry and trendiest skins to battle with style!

What are CS:GO Skins?

Skins (also generally known as finishes) are different types of textures or let’s call them war paint for the weapons. The purpose of skins only to glamorize the weapons – skins don’t functionally upgrade the guns, just make them look cooler. Skins are categorized into three different types:


As clear by the name, normal skins are ‘normal’, and serve as a baseline for rest of the two categories. They will be cheaper, less-popular and dropped more often.


Stat-trak skins possess a special feature – an LED display that will keep the number of kills made by the owner. If you love to collect trophies, stat-trak skins will prove to be highly satisfactory for you. Though, do keep one thing in mind if you are going to purchase a stat-trak skin: whenever a stat-trak is up in the marketplace for sale, count will reset to zero. So, you don’t get to keep the recent progress made by the previous owner. You have to start over to increase your kill-count.


A souvenir weapon or skin is the one dropped during large tournaments. Souvenirs are dropped for the watchers. The drop of such weapons is totally random, any spectator can get any type of weapon or skin, either rarest or the most common – it is blind luck! You can use a souvenir in your own live game or sell it for in the marketplace.

What is Wear Value of a Skin?

It is another charming feature of a skin. Wear value of a skin represents how old a skin looks. Though, it is just an ornamental tactic, and doesn’t matter for how long a skin has been used, because wear value always remains same for a particular skin. There are many different wear values assigned to skins:

Factory New: As it is named, a factory new skin makes the weapon look factory new – like it is barely touched. Factory new wear value gives the weapons a nice shiny look.

Minimal Wear: Minimal wear value represents that the weapon is used now and then but not frequently.

Field-Tested: Field-tested is the intermediate wear value between minimal wear and well-worn values. So, a field-tested weapon would be the one that has served for a reasonable time in the field and has made its name.

Well-worn: The look of a weapon that has been well-worn out there, spilled quite a lot of blood and wrote its history with the Red Ink!

Battle-scarred: A battle scarred weapon gives a nice and antique look, and looks like there is always a thriving page in some historic book about its magnificence. Some people find battle-scarred weapons very glamorous and even lucky!

These are some of the most common wear values usually found at case opening sites. But wear value of skins still vary from the values mentioned above.

Case Hardened Skins – The Rebels:

There is another type of skin called, case hardened skin; and I often like to call them ‘the rebels’. This is a different type of skin, appears on AK-47 and some knives, and doesn’t follow most of the rules defined for skins. The pattern of the skin that shows on the metal is arbitrary. With variation in the pattern, prices of the skin also vary. If you are willing to buy a case hardened skin, keep an eye on the pattern in particular and pay for the one you have chosen.

What are CS:GO Cases?

Weapon cases are weapon crates, containing guns and skins in it. The very first series of cases is CS:GO Weapon Case. It was introduced in Counter Strike: Global Offense for the first time. Second edition, Weapon Case 2 has also been released, and with its release, CS:GO Weapon Cases are very rarely dropped now. To open a case, you need a standard key, without which, you can’t unlock the rewards lying in it. One way to get the cases is by picking them during tournaments on official servers, but you can also purchase them from case opening sites. There are a lot official CS:GO case opening sites, where you can buy and sell different items for money.

How Do CS:GO Cases Work?

Each CS:GO case contains different awards in it, such as, guns, stickers and skins. What you find from a case is totally random and unpredictable. Who knows, you may get the rarest items by opening just one case or you don’t get anything special even you have opened tens of cases. So, there are very erratic chances that you get a weapon or skin of your choice by opening a case. If you really want an item badly, you can check for it individually from marketplace. Players always buy and sell weapons from their collection, there are fair chances of finding something of your taste at CS opening sites.

Here comes the tricky part! There are hundreds of case opening sites with promo codes to unlock crates, but where to find the right place? How would you know which marketplace is the best and most affordable? That’s where us, the Arms Deals kick in! We will help you find out the best platforms where you can access the most diverse collection of advanced weapons at reasonable prices.

How to Open CS:GO Cases?

As mentioned above, a CS:GO case needs a standard key to unlock the rewards. Don’t worry about that at all, Arms Deals will list all top rated case opening sites with promo codes, where you can also get free skins, trading cards and much more! At case opening sites, you can purchase different cases for money and open them with standard key. Useful tips are mentioned below about how you can effectively make a purchase on a marketplace.

Why Arms Deals?

You may wonder, there are many other sites that provide the listings to CS case opening sites, then what makes Arms Deals so special?

Here is what’s special about us: we have scratched through tons of CS:GO case opening sites and mined out the best ones for you. Arms Deals has done most of the part of your efforts for you. You don’t have to dig in for the best platforms for trade, just bookmark our website. Every time you need to purchase or sell weapons, skins, cases or any type of other items, we will guide you to the right place. Arms Deals gets updated on regular basis and we continuously search for new forums and case opening sites with promo codes. You will have through access to not just case opening sites, but also online forums and marketplaces.

Tips for Making an Effective Purchase:

To purchase something from internet is a child’s play, there is no big deal about it. But how effectively you can buy something from a website is a bit tricky. Arms Deal will make sure you make it through this critical successfully. After extensive research, comprehension and comparisons, us, the Arms Deals, have juiced out some golden rules to make a purchase from csgo case opening sites. Here you go:

Don’t ever forget, there is not a single platform or market to purchase items. You will find many good platforms at Arms Deals and get to find cases and skins for sale. But before you make your mind finally to purchase something, make sure you are getting the right prices. For example, price of a same skin or weapon may differ at different platforms. That’s why, take your time with your decision, then purchase an item after making sure that you are getting the right price.

Prices of skins at case opening sites are not always up to the minute. Csgostash, for example, is a CS:GO marketplace, but the prices don’t always resemble the actual price tags. It only shows relatively lower prices for a particular skin. The best way to find out the real prices of items, visit community markets and forums, and have a look around. If you make a purchase in haste, without any research, it may be shocking for you afterwards.

Remember, the prices of items are never fixed at any time. Prices keep going up and coming down and it is a matter of hours and minutes, not months and days.

If you want to purchase an item, here are the steps to follow:

  • Compare the prices at different platforms and community markets. The best way to do it is, check the average price at csgostash and then ask for current price at a community market.
  • As mentioned above prices keep going up and down, make your decision according to the situation.
  • If you think that the price is reasonable at this time, make your purchase instantly.
  • Otherwise, sit back and wait for the right time.

Watching tournaments and matches at official servers also pays very often. You can get dropped cases and skins for free, if you get lucky, it is possible to get very rare and expensive weapons from free cases.

You must already know, there are ways to make some free money. You can also get free trading cards by joining the events and live matches. Trading cards can be sold or you can also use them to buy low priced skins and stickers. Another way to get some free money is by collecting badges from your profile. On the main Steam widow, click on your username and select badges from the drop down.

One last thing, never underestimate the steam sales. It is one of the best ways to get some free stuff or make some extra cash on the side. In sales season, people give away lots of trading cards for free to promote their events. Prices of normal skins also tend to come down because people give away their idle stuff at low prices to buy purchasable trading cards.

This is all for now, we hope this article is helpful for you to a great extent. Visit Arms Deals to access the best platforms and get best deals of CS:GO cases!

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